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Wallpaper Savanna

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Wallpaper Savanna by Dekornik is a real African savannah adventure with lots of animals that all children love!

This wallpaper can be applied to a 100 cm wide wall or a 400 cm wall and starts with half an elephant appearing only once, inaugurating the pattern, however, the pattern is repeated but without the elephant .

The pattern is divided into 50 cm wide strips, so you only have to order as many panels as you need for your wall size.

Animals Height:
Elephant – 155 cm tall.
Giraffe – 230 cm tall.
Flamingos are between 140 to 190 cm tall.
The small lion cub hidden behind the leaves is 65 cm tall, and the trees in the background are rising to a height of almost 252 cm.


The wallpaper is divided into strips:
Height: 280 cm
Widht: 50 cm

Minimum Order – 2 stripes.

Made from refined paper that reproduces colors beautifully, it is durable, matte and white.
The material is certified non-flammable and meets all European Union requirements.
The paper is not self-adhesive, so we recommend not using solvent-based glue for its application.

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